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Melt Spa and Massage is the area’s trusted Keller Active Release Technique providers. This patented, innovative approach to massage has been a remedy for many men and women who found themselves stuck with sore or stiff muscles and joints.

We have a non-invasive, effective method of addressing these, and other issues, such as numbness and tingling. If you struggle with these problems, connect with our team. While people assume that these are simply unavoidable issues that you encounter as you get older, we want to show you that relief is possible — and we’re the Active Release Technique providers in Keller TX that will help you find it!


About Active Release Technique (ACT)

As Keller Active Release Technique providers, the staff at Melt Spa and Massage is extensively trained within this cutting-edge discipline of massage. We not only are trained but embark on continued educational opportunities so that we can perfect our craft.

Active Release Technique is a method that is gaining popularity around the world for its effectiveness in treating pain, stiffness, numbness and other symptoms that are a byproduct of damaged soft tissue.

As Active Release Technique providers in Keller TX, our staff will provide a thorough examination of areas of soft tissue, inspecting the texture, tightness and movement of it. We’re looking for signs that adhesions may have formed. These are dense areas of scar tissue that form over long periods of overuse. Adhesions can limit range of motion, cause stiffness and even entrap a nerve to create a tingling sensation or numbness.

Melt’s Keller Active Release Technique providers will gently manipulate the area in order to eliminate the adhesion and the resulting symptoms. This allows you to find long-term, lasting relief.


Searching for compassionate Active Release Technique providers in Keller TX?

The team at Melt wants to help you find relief! We invite you to visit our spa where you will find, not just an abundance of massage services but a menu of facial treatments as well. As your hub for self-care, we want to help you look and feel your best.

As dedicated Keller Active Release Technique providers, we want to help you reap the many benefits that come with this innovative treatment. Make time to visit with our team and finally find a cure for those stiff and painful joints and muscles.

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Benefits of Massage

Regular massage can decrease chronic pain, lower blood pressure and heart rate, relieve tired, aching muscles, reduce stress levels and more. Did we mention it feels amazing?

If you’re looking for a massage in Keller, look no further.

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